One in five university students own bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, while even more are interested in it

Bitcoin is following the same path towards mass adoption as other technologies like the internet and social media, a comprehensive cryptocurrency study suggests. Using university students as a bell weather for future growth of emerging technologies, crypto exchange Coinbase teamed up with ad-tech firm Qriously to measure interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain. The study found that nearly one in five students owned bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, while two fifths of top universities offered at least one course on the subject. Part of the study involved a survey of 675 students in the US, which found that 9 per cent have taken a cryptocurrency course, while 18 per cent own bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. A further 26 per cent said they wanted to take a cryptocurrency course. Benedikt Bunz, a doctoral student at Stanford focussing on cryptocurrencies, said there was "tremendous excitement" among students in cryptocurrency, adding that, "if you're an expert in cryptocurrencies and cryptography you'll have a difficult time not finding a job." Bitcoin (BTC) is down 2.06% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $6,894.41 on Coinbase. BTC dominance is at 53.3% and the total cryptocurrency market cap is down 3.04% and is currently at $223 Billion.



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