top of page Bitcoin Exchange Review is not a scam. It's one of the largest most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges with over 10 million users, 32 countries served and over $50 billion worth of cryptocurrency bought and sold. I personally have an account there and I use it all the time. It's super easy to use and probably the best place for a beginner to get started. It's a great place to sell your alt coins back to fiat. The prices are good but they charge a high fee to purchase with a credit card. You're better off sending them a bank wire. If you sign up an account there through any of the links on this page you'll get $10 worth of free bitcoin.

Alt Coins Available For Trading:

     Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, & Litecoin

Payments Methods For Deposit:

     Debit/Credit Cards - Commission: 3.99%

    (Note: many credit cards classify buying cryptocurrencies as a cash advance and attach their own cash advance fees)

     Bank Transfer - Commission: 1.49% conversion fee  + 

Withdrawl Methods:

     Bank Account Withdrawal - Commission: 1.49%

     Coinbase USD Wallet Withdrawal - Commission: 1.49%

     Paypal - Commission: 3.99%

Good, Easy To Use Mobile App

Market Orders

Margin Trading: None

Super Easy Instant Buy & Sell Feature

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