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The Best Crypto Currency Resources

Trade on 45+ of the most popular exchanges from one secure account on both desktop and mobile.

A must if you're serious about trading cryptocurrencies. Start your FREE trial today!

TradingView is a network where active traders exchange ideas to maximize their profits. Real-time data and browser-based charts let you do your research from anywhere, since there are no installations or complex setups. Just open TradingView on any modern browser and start charting, learning and sharing trading ideas! is a great tool for Tracking, Evaluating and Calculating your trades. It analyzes all of your trades and generates in real time tons of useful information such as the profit / loss of your trades, the value of your coins, balances, realized and unrealized gains, reports for tax declaration, and much more. Sign up now and never lose track again! Click the link below for a 10% discount!

The crypto base scanner works by automatically analyzing the market history for each available cryptocurrency market. The base scanner automatically checks the current prices against the bases and then alerts you whenever the bases are broken by the amount that you set. Bases are calculated 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is an invaluable tool for finding great trades.

QFT Hodloo Charts - Where The Bases Draw Themselves

This awesome free tool draws bases (support levels) for cryptocurrencies. It easily lets QFT traders identify when different cryptocurrencies have panic sells and break support levels. If you use this awesome free tool and it makes you money, remember to send it's developer a donation.

3Commas.IO is a fully automated trading bot that integrates with all of the major exchanges such as Binance. With it's trailing take profit and trailing stop loss options it's a must have in order to maximize your profits.

Trailing Profit Tool v. 0.1 Beta

This is a free trailing profit application for trading cryptocurrencies. It offers a trailing profit bot for your trades similar to 3commas but with no fees.  To use this tool first join the telegram group and read the instructions in the pinned message.

Click Here To Join The Telegram Group


Click Here To See The Trailing Profit Interface Explained

Click Here To Download Application

If you find this awesome product useful, make sure to send it's developer a donation.


This useful tool allows you to monitor a number of different tradingview cryptocurrency charts at the same time.

CMC movers: See what has moved within multiple timeframes (starting with 5 mins) in USD on Save presets, set alerts and be the first to identify big moves!


X-Movers: Similar to CMC movers, although more advanced and looks at all pairs against BTC, ETH and more and on over 50 exchanges. Drill into exchanges and view bid and ask information before navigating to an exchange!


ArbScan: So much to say, not enough space! Want to get alerted whenever an arbitrage opportunity matching your criteria appears? ArbScan cuts straight through the noise.


CoinDrop: Get notified the minute that your ICO, or anything like it’s description lands on CMC and thus, an exchange.

Crypto Market Scanner

This great scanner checks Binance, Poloniex, Cryptopia, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Liqui, and HitBTC the last number of minutes you choose for a % change drop you choose with a minimum 24h volume of 5 BTC using these base currencies: BTC,ETH,USD,USDT is an automated 24/7 crypto trader bot that trades for you. Select up to 75 coins! Your Hopper will be able to buy any currency a signaler will give a signal for, and spread risk by investing in multiple coins.

AutoView Trading Bot Chrome Extension

Autoview is a Chrome extension that listens to your Tradingview alerts and places orders on the exchange of your choosing. You control what Autoview does by inserting a specialized syntax into your Tradingview alert message box. Whether you simply want to add a stop loss or trailing stop on an exchange that does not provide it, or automate an existing Tradingview strategy, Autoview can help you do that.

Just place orders and let their Javis Bot take care of Stop-loss and Take-profit as well as Trailing Stoploss.

Top 100 Richest Bitcoin Wallets

View the richest bitcoin wallet addresses.

At Bitbond you can borrow up to $25,000 starting at 1% monthly, with loans for eBay sellers and online businesses! Terms are available from 6 weeks to 3 years in many countries around the world. You can also earn 13% interest with bitcoin lending. All borrowers are credit checked by Bitbond. You can invest in USD and EUR denominated loans.

Huge directory of cryptocurrency related businesses

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