Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Move $103 Million in Crypto As BTC Briefly Crosses $4,100

Crypto whales are moving millions in Bitcoin and Ethereum as the price of BTC swings above and below $4,100. According to the price tracker WorldCoinIndex, BTC surged as high as $4,143 within the past 24 hours. Bitcoin then quickly dropped below the $4,100 mark, and is now at $4,036 at time of publishing. As the price of BTC becomes more volatile, Bitcoin and Ethereum whales are surfacing at a rapid rate. In the last day, whales transferred 17,291 BTC worth $69 million across 12 separate transactions. Meanwhile, three Ethereum whales moved 250,000 ETH worth $34.4 million in three transactions.The largest Bitcoin transfer was 5,000 BTC worth $20.3 million. It was sent from an unknown wallet to the crypto exchange Poloniex.



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