Bitcoin (BTC) Drops 3.34% To $8,079.90, 24 Hour Volume Reaches $4.69 Billion

Bitcoin (BTC) traded down 3.34% against the U.S. dollar. One Bitcoin can now be purchased for $8,079.90 on major exchanges including Changelly, Coinbase, QuadrigraCX and EXMO. Over the last week, Bitcoin has traded 20% lower against the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $136,746,950,526 and approximately $4.69 billion worth of Bitcoin was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours.

Here’s how related cryptocurrencies have performed over the last 24 hours:

Ethereum (ETH) traded 3.57% lower against the U.S. dollar and is now at: $588.93

Ripple (XRP) traded 4.22% lower against the U.S. dollar and is now at $0.66

BitcoinCash (BCC) traded up 3.45% against the U.S. dollar and is now at $982.29

Litecoin (LTC) traded 3.26% lower agains the U.S. dollar and is now at $158.96

These coins can all be bought at

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