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#Bitcoin Just Registered the Highest Trade Volume of its Whole History

Despite the statements of many skeptics who during the 2018 bearish streak said that Bitcoin is dead or useless, the reality, however, is that this year has demonstrated that cryptocurrencies are a cultural phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular.

According to data compiled by Crypto Quantamental — an investment manager specialized in analyzing the behavior of the crypto markets — today has been a historic day for Bitcoin as it recorded its highest trading volume ever. This increase in trading volume is quite interesting since it is not only a sign of the confidence of the users within the ecosystem in the usefulness of the different cryptocurrencies, but also provides essential elements to debate about a significant increase in the number of new users who accept crypto on a daily basis — something that may play a fundamental role in a future price increase of a specific cryptocurrency.Likewise, the fact that the trading volume increases in spite of falling prices is a sign of the maturity of the ecosystem in general. It could now be concluded that trading activity is independent of price behavior.

Bitcoin (BTC) is down 2.85% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $3,942.98 on Coinbase. BTC dominance is at 53.2% and the total cryptocurrency market cap is currently at $129 Billion.


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