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Bitcoin Cash price peaks 200% up over seven days

The forked crypto has seen impressive uplifts in price over the last day or so, which at points added up to a valuation three-times higher that it was a week ago.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a sharp ascent in its worth over the last week, breaking the $200 barrier at points on Friday. The CryptoCompare Index price for BCH peaked out at around $231 at in the early hours of Friday (GMT), a high-point that represented an impressive 203% uplift from where it bottomed out at around $76 on December 15th. Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC, if you prefer) then peaked again just under that price-point around 9am Friday morning, before retracing back to previous support around the $175 mark. At the time of writing, it stands at roughly $195 – still an impressive performance, even against the short-term gains the crypto market in general has seen in the last few days.


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