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Romanian Bitcoin Exchange CEO Helped Launder Stolen Funds: Report

According to a Cluj, Romania-based newspaper, the case of bitcoin exchange executive Vlad Nistor is much deeper than the simple illegal operation of a cryptocurrency firm. Their most recent report on the case speaks to some much more serious allegations as to the behavior of Vlad Nistor. The paper reports that Nistor was part of a group that executed phishing attacks on United States soil between 2014 and 2015 when CoinFlux was just getting started. A total of 14 Romanians have been indicted by federal authorities based out of Kentucky, Vlad Nistor just being one of the more notable due to his business ties and outward appearance as an upstanding citizen.He is said to have advised some of the active cyber criminals via Telegram and helped them launder the proceeds of their illegal activity. They apparently executed a number of phishing attacks on US soil, some even traveling to the US to better succeed.From the report (roughly translated):“Two of these methods were run online via phishing or through various fictitious sale ads (via eBay or through online platforms ). For example, Romanians were sending e-mails using instant messaging programs or telephone numbers where the user is advised to give confidential data to win certain prizes or was informed that they are necessary due to technical errors that led to loss of original data. A web address containing a clone of the site of a financial or trading institution was indicated in the e-mail.”



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