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Multiwallet to become the first regulated European crypto-custody service

The new custodial wallet has been announced at the Malta Blockchain Summit, November 1-2, 2018.

Multiwallet is going to become the first custody service regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. The wallet is a legal means of managing, sending and receiving digital currency in Europe.

Nick, CEO, Multiwallet

"Together with the Maltese authorities we are creating the first regulated custodial wallet. It is a huge step for us as a crypto-community, as it opens an opportunity for us to build a secure financial institution for our users.”

The technological basis of the new multi-currency wallet is the secure and smart Freewallet technical platform. As of right now the wallet is currently available only on the web, but mobile apps will be released in 2019.

About the Malta Blockchain Summit

The Malta Blockchain Summit is one of the biggest crypto events of the year, and this year it gathered over 5000 blockchain professionals, 300 exhibitors, and over 100 speakers. The key-note speaker of the summit was the Prime Minister of Malta, a pioneer country in terms of blockchain regulation.

About Multiwallet

Multiwallet is a brand new cryptocurrency wallet specially tailored to European sensibilities and standards. It is based on the highly developed technology behind the Freewallet platform (est. 2016) and aims to provide customers with a level of digital asset custody in compliance with Malta based financial regulations.


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