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#EXMO is Available at #Investy Trading Terminal

exmo now available at investy trading terminal

Amazing news for API-traders!

The EXMO Cryptocurrency Platform is now available on the Investy Trading Terminal.

Investy ​is a trading social network that provides its users with advanced trading tools for working on crypto exchanges.

The service is perfect both for beginners who could earn money by copying strategies, and for the pro-traders - and specifically due to the profitable referral program.

A distinctive feature of the product is the ability to copy each other's transactions and earn on the success fee system. All operations go through the crypto exchange API without direct transfer of assets.

Besides EXMO there are Bittrex, Binance and Poloniex that are available on the platform.

Click this link to register on Investy.

#EXMO #Investy

#EXMO #Investy


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