NEM (XEM) Cryptocurrency is Available on EXMO

NEM (XEM) added to EXMO

On 23th October 2018, the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange added cryptocurrency NEM to its listings.

Users of the platform are now able to trade in the most popular pairs: XEM/BTC, XEM/USD, XEM/EUR.

Top-ups and withdrawals for these currency pairs are already available via the Wallet section.

About NEM: NEM, or the New Economy Movement, is a technology platform that seeks to be an efficient way to manage assets and data easily and at low cost. NEM aims to build a “better” blockchain, and it tries to achieve that using two key concepts of proof-of-importance (POI) and harvesting. NEM technology allows multiple ledgers to coexist on one blockchain. NEM Smart Assets allows users to create mosaics which can represent any asset (e.g. currency). All transactions in NEM have transaction fee associated with them and denomination used to pay for transactions is mosaic named XEM. NEM has a current market capitalization of $856 034 912.

About EXMO: EXMO is one of the largest most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Over 1.3 million from more than 200 countries with 50k+ active traders, trust EXMO.COM to buy and sell digital close to 50 different cryptocurrency pairs. A great feature of EXMO is that it allows you to withdrawal fiat to your Visa or Mastercard. It gets credited right away to your credit card. The money is instantly credited from EXMO.COM to your card and then depending on the bank issuing your card, it's released from them within a day or two.

Click here to buy and sell NEM (XEM)


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