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When it comes to your crypto, keep it quiet!

Have you ever heard the saying “Silence is golden”? In the context of cryptocurrencies, being quiet about your funds will not bring you gold, but it might just save your coins.

Beware of stranger danger

Let’s suppose that you have invested a lot of money in cryptocurrencies, or that your investments have paid off and your cryptocurrency funds have multiplied. Obviously, you are pleased about it, and you want to share your success story with other people, so you post a comment about it on Facebook or Reddit.A random reader of your post might then decide that he or she really wants your riches and starts using a variety of malicious tactics to get them. These might include cyber attacks or even physical violence. (You would be surprised how much information can be mined from your social media, including your physical location.)

Use common sense

In the offline face-to-face world, a bit of restraint might come in handy as well. It is easy to have a few beers and start to be a bit more talkative. Making friends is great, but the contents of your Trezor wallet might not be the best topic to begin with, just like you wouldn’t talk to everyone about your regular bank account balance or your salary.

Don’t be an easy target

Trezor hardware wallet, One or Model T, is a perfectly safe, cryptographically protected place for your coins and keys. However, keeping a low profile will protect you from other people even trying to steal your funds or harm you. Physical violence or blackmail are things even Trezor cannot protect you from.

What to avoid?

  • While publicly advocating the benefits of crypto is perfectly fine, boasting about how much you actually own might not be a good idea.

  • Avoid talking about your account balances with people you do not trust. (Sometimes, you should keep quiet even with people you trust.)

  • Avoid posting about your personal funds on social media and on internet forums.

  • Never ever post your recovery seed online or show it to anybody else.

  • Use a fresh receiving address for your incoming transactions. If not careful, your address may be used to track your balance and transaction history.

About Trezor: TREZOR is not only one of the most secure Bitcoin wallets, TREZOR is also a security device for passwords, accounts and emails. Check out TREZOR's the new hardware wallet the safe place to store all of your alt coins. It has an easy & secure, registration-free process available, reliable hardware, and a simple, easy to use Interface.


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