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HitBTC lists SilkChain

hitbtc lists silkchain

The HitBTC exchange, one of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges has listed SilkChain, a prominent blockchain project that dedicates blockchain technology to improving international trade and consumer spending ecology. On this platform, Silk can be convertible against the pair ETH.

About SilkChain: SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and consumer spending ecosystem. Silk represented the common currency in ancient international trade. SilkChain is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, in where Silk represents the digital token. Founded in Singapore in 2017, ITDC has jurisdiction over the International Digitalization Trade Foundation and is committed to establishing a decentralized global digital free trade zone. ITDC applies blockchain technology to develop a new generation of platform with smart contract. And here, named this network the SilkChain. The economic model of Silk Token helps promote the interests of all existing international trade participants and share the dividends brought by the cost reduction of blockchain technology. Token’s incentives will not only establish a global cross-border e-commerce business environment where "good money" drives out "bad money", but also stimulate all resources previously excluded to participate in global cross-border SME trade services. As the first project in the world that dedicates blockchain technology to improving international trade and consumer spending ecology, SilkChain represents the most powerful one initiated by the largest members among all crowdfunded blockchain projects until now. The co-sponsored members are all from well-known enterprise groups, trading entities or e-commerce, logistics, warehousing and financial companies in the world. The “SilkChain” community made up of many members will prioritize the establishment of “global merchant credit system”and “supply chain financial system”. It is estimated that in the next three to five years, it will bring about trillions of US dollars in annual increments in global trade, promote the transformation from traditional international trade stocks to digital trade, and create additional business opportunities worth trillions of U.S. dollars each year. All community members will work together to build an equal and mutually beneficial international trade ecology and share the huge dividends of ecological development.

About HitBTC: HitBTC is a global cryptocurrency trading platform with multi-currency support, operating since 2013. The exchange has markets for trading over 150 digital assets, tokens and ICOs and provides a wide range of tools as well as stable uptime. The exchange offers high liquidity and low fees.

About the writer: Sofie_Ann I write articles related to cryptocurrencies. I'm also a lover of slime, squishies, and Oktoberfest. Email me


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