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Chris Larsen has made this year’s Forbes 400 rich list as the 383rd richest person and is the first to ever make the list with a value accumulated solely from cryptocurrency.

Forbes released its latest Forbes 400 list, for 2018, last week, estimating that Larsen is worth $2.1 billion. After gaining $78.5 billion in a single year, Jeff Bezos, with a total fortune of $160 million has finally beaten Bill Gates to the number one spot. Gates previously held the prime position in the list for 24 years. Joining Larsen for the first time on the list is also Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox. The rich again appear to be getting richer, to make the list individuals need a net worth of at least $2.1 billion, the highest the entry level has been ever. The average net worth of the list’s members has also risen by half a billion to $7.2 billion, again its highest ever.A Credit Suisse report earlier in 2018 estimated that the world’s richest one percent now own over half of all global wealth, a figure likely to increase to two-thirds of global wealth by 2030.


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