Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Tron Moving Monday Markets

Motionless Monday on crypto markets; Tron and 0x climbing well, DigixDAO dropping back.

A very predictable decline saw markets fall back again over the weekend but only by a little. During Asian trading this Monday morning they have made small gains but nothing significant as total market capitalization is still below $220 billion. Bitcoin is still static, unmovable from its $6,600 level where it has been for the past week or so. BTC has not really moved at all over the past 30 days either. There is no good news for Ethereum which also lacking momentum and still lulling around the $225 level where it has been for a while. Altcoins are generally in the green again today but gains are minimal. In the top ten Cardano is showing the largest gain with 3.4% to trade at $0.084. ADA has a long way to go though as it is still over 90% down from its all-time high. The rest are moving less than a percent and Monero is falling back by 1.5%.

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