StartEngine’s Third Summit will Feature Keynote Speaker Christopher Cox, Former SEC Chairman

Start Engine Summit Tokenizing The World

On October 19th, in Los Angeles, StartEngine will host its third summit, themed “Tokenizing the World.” The conference is the largest event in the US that focuses on the tokenization of securities and alternative assets and will be the kickoff event for the first ever LA Blockchain Week. How do you tokenize assets like equity and debt, real estate and oil, and track ownership on the blockchain? How will that change these securities markets?

Whether you are a investor looking for a token investment opportunity, a financial analyst wanting to understand the impact of tokenization on securities markets, or an entrepreneur looking for a new way to raise capital within government regulation to grow your business, this is the conference to attend.

Attendees will hear over 45 speakers as well as a dozen company pitches throughout the day-long event. Speakers for the October summit include former SEC Chairman, Christopher Cox, Trevor Koverko (Polymath), Andy Bromberg (Coinlist), Arianna Simpson (Autonomous Partners), Tory Reiss (TrustToken), Jason White (Indiegogo), and many more. At StartEngine’s last Summit, held this past April 20th, over 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors and crypto enthusiasts attended the day-long event, which included over 40 panelists, 7 keynotes, and 12 STO pitches.

“We are ushering in a new era for STOs and trading platforms with a former SEC chairman offering an exclusive keynote for the first time,” said Howard Marks, co-founder and CEO of StartEngine. “We see the convergence of crypto and SEC regulation as the next evolution in the fast growing blockchain and trading marketplaces. The goal of the StartEngine Summit is to educate the marketplace, bring industry leaders together, and build the future of finance.”

StartEngine is a crowdfunding platform that helps companies raise capital through the sale of securities, utilizing exemptions from registration under the Securities Act of 1933. To date, StartEngine has helped more than 160 companies raise more than $70M, and the platform is ushering in a new tokenized securities market in which companies can sell tokenized securities and investors can trade them all on one platform.

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