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#Coinbase has introduced a new feature to lure investors to #cryptos

Coinbase bundles

Cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinbase has announced it will add a new feature, dubbed Coinbase Bundles, that will allow users to purchase a weighted basket of the five cryptos it lists — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic. This will essentially serve as a starter pack for new or casual investors; instead of having to decide what digital assets to purchase, they can buy a "basket" of them, with the cryptos weighted by market capitalization at time of purchase. Bundles begin at $25 (and €25 or £25 for customers in Europe and the UK, respectively). Coinbase Bundles is the latest effort by the firm to expand its reach. Although the company currently lists only a handful of the biggest cryptos, last week, it announced a major listing policy shift that will see it increase its digital asset offerings substantially. Together with this new policy, the bundles product makes a lot of sense, as additional cryptos will likely be added as they join the platform, enabling investors to get wider exposure to the market without actively trading. The $8 billion firm has already introduced similar index funds feature for its institutional investors looking to for exposure to a broad range of crypto assets. These changes will likely open up the platform’s ecosystem to a much wider institutional and non-institutional investor base.


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#Coinbase #CoinbaseBundles

#Coinbase #Coinbasebundles


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