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Pornhub’s Crypto Integration Of #Verge (XVG), #Tron (TRX) Met With Mixed Results

Pornhub Verge (XVG)

The months-long Pornhub-Crypto saga has continued, with the Montreal-based pornography giant recently revealing that the crypto payment option hasn’t garnered a substantial amount of support, to the dismay of many advocates of this up and coming technology.

For those who haven’t been in the loop about the popular adult video provider’s involvement with the cryptocurrency industry, as reported by Ethereum World News on April 17, 2018, Pornhub unexpectedly announced that it would be adding features that would allow its site to accept Verge (XVG) tokens in exchange for subscriptions. Verge, which has gained recognition (and its fair share of backlash) for the partnership, reportedly offers near-instant, secure privacy and anonymous transactions. Putting two and two together, many claimed that the token was the perfect cryptocurrency to see an addition to the adult entertainment giant’s accepted methods of payment.While XVG saw its ’15 minutes of fame’ after the partnership, it quickly became apparent that Verge wasn’t the only game in town, as it was later revealed that Pornhub had also opened its doors to accept Horizen/ZenCash (ZEN) and Tron (TRX), while still maintaining support for XVG.Now, nearly half a year since Pornhub made its first foray into the crypto industry, it seems that the dust has settled, with company representatives recently speaking with reporters from The Next Web’s Hard Fork regarding its affiliation with cryptocurrencies and the industry backing them.In an email to Hard Fork, Pornhub explained that less than 1% of subscriptions were made via cryptocurrencies, not revealing the exact figure that would bring clarity to this situation. Although this statistic may rightfully disappoint some proponents of ZEN, TRX, and XVG, it is important to note that the site attracted 28.5 billion visits last year, making it one of the most visited web pages on the planet, so the fact that crypto only accounts for 1 > x of subscriptions purchased isn’t too worrying.


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