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Long-Term Outlook For TRON: TRX

Tron (TRX)

TRON (TRX) has been a major player in the crypto space even during 2018's bear market.

With its mainnet launched, new exchange listings, and applications coming into its network, its a crucial time for TRX price to move. Our analysis sees bullish potential for the TRX/USD pair in the near term. TRON (TRX-USD) is still considered an undervalued asset in the cryptocurrency market. The coin, as we've written, is designed to be a "token" of the new, de-centralized internet. Think of people sending it to one another to settle bills, but also as an in-game or in-app currency. It could be used to give small (think like a quarter of a penny) donations for an article or an infographic created online.The team has been working hard to create value for the coin, looking for adoption avenues following the migration to its Mainnet. No doubt, the market is waiting on this asset to show whether it is worth investing in for the long term. Here is the long-term analysis for TRX/USD.


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