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#Waves makes waves and now supports Smart Contracts

waves smart contracts

On September 10, the team behind Waves announced that they had implemented Smart Contracts on the Main Net. The Waves price rose then by 30 percent. However, it will take about two weeks until the final launch of Smart Contracts on the network.

For some time now, Waves users have been able to release their own tokens on Blockchain, which can be traded on a built-in, decentralized exchange. Like the leasing feature, which makes it easy to participate in proof-of-stake consensus, all of these features are accessible to non-tech users through an intuitive graphical user interface. Over a year ago, BTC-ECHO has described in detail how to emit or sell your own token on waves. The other functions promise good accessibility. Now Waves has announced that the plan to integrate Smart Contracts into the existing system has moved into the final phase. From the timing it could hardly fit better: Is currently but on Ethereum from all sides drowned and questioned the suitability of the cryptocurrency for smart contracts. Meanwhile, Waves can position itself as an alternative platform for smart contracts. The Waves course responded accordingly: since the announcement, the price has risen by 30 percent. Although the price has since experienced a slight consolidation, it still ranks 20 percent above its original price.


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