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#Ripple Breakthrough: New #Crypto Fund for Institutional Investors Includes #XRP

XRP will be included in a new crypto fund for the super wealthy.

Today, Balance Custody launched its new crypto custody solution for institutional investors. It includes XRP on its list of eight digital assets. The breakthrough follows a recent snub from Morgan Creek Capital, which decided not to include XRP in its new crypto fund for investors with big capital. Balance Custody says it’s been running a closed pilot with a small group of customers for the past year to create a bulletproof and financially transparent solution offering military grade security guarantees. “While trying to put together a proof of concept, we quickly discovered that the APIs and interfaces exposed by most blockchains are limited in functionality,” says Balance CEO George Bordianu. “Implementing a robust solution on a ‘per client’ basis would quickly turn out to not scale. We knew we could do better, and thanks to R&D developments in the space, we did.” Here’s a look at the other coins on the list, in addition to XRP.


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