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#Coinbase to Open Educational Asset Pages For Top 50 #Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap


A lot happens in the crypto world each day and enthusiasts of blockchain technologyare always moving from one site to the other in order to keep up. There’s also a lot of people coming into the space and require preliminary information about blockchain. Towards this end, Coinbase a leading crypto force is determined to give crypto lovers the necessary resources to help them navigate around the world of blockchain. Coinbase announced that it was carrying out an experiment to help customers look at the top fifty cryptocurrencies by market cap. It’s worth noting that most of these coins aren’t available to trade on the platform. As a start to learning about coins, new entrants can look at the trading history data, the current market cap and even click on links leading to whitepapers of projects that have products coming up. Coinbase clarified that the information on a particular asset was based on the prevailing market cap. Further on, they stated that information about a given asset was just for the purposes of education and it didn’t imply that the platform was starting to trade it. Any information about assets to be added on the platform would be made through their blogs or on their twitter page.


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