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#CoinEx will release “Ask, Bid & Mine #CET” on September 1st, 2018: Place limit orders to share


CoinEx will release “Ask, Bid & Mine CET” on September 1st, 2018 (HKT): Place limit orders to share 10% of daily targeted mining yield of CET.

Duration: From September 1st, 2018 (HKT) till“Trade-driven Mining” ends

Rewards: 10% of daily targeted mining yield of CET

Qualifications: LIMIT ORDERS worth MORE than 100 USD in all trading pairs

Rule of Credit calculation:

1. During promotion, CoinEx will rank all qualified LIMIT ORDERS by price and time precedence and take a random snapshot of the ranking every minute. According to the result of snapshot, top 30 of both Ask & Bid orders in ALL trading pairs will be credited accumulatively.

2. Limit orders of ALL trading pairs in Exchange are qualified for the promotion.

3. Rule: Based on the result of minutely snapshot, No.1 order of Ask & Bid will both be credited with 30 points. For the following orders, the credit decreases by 1 point each lower rank. In this manner, No.30 order of Ask & Bid will both be credited with 1 point.

Ask/Bid to mine CET: 10% of daily targeted mining yield

Everyday at 0:00 (UTC), CoinEx will rank all ACCOUNTS by their accumulated credits and allocate CET rewards to TOP 100 accounts in their Exchange wallet:

No.1 Reward: Daily Reward * 10%

No.2~4 Reward: Daily Reward * 5%

No.5~10 Reward: Daily Reward * 3%

No.11~20 Reward: Daily Reward * 1.3%

No.21~50 Reward: Daily Reward * 0.8%

No.51~100 Reward: Daily Reward * 0.4%


Currently, the daily targeted mining yield for “Trade-driven Mining” is 10 MILLION CET so the daily reward for “Ask, Bid & Mine CET” is 10% of 10 MILLION CET - 1 MILLION CET.

About CoinEx: With its proprietary trade matching system and excellent user experience, CoinEx is dedicated to building a highly secure, stable and efficient digital coin exchange for global users. CoinEx now supports multiple languages and is providing global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions. CET is CoinEx’s native virtual token that is distributed in accordance with their trade-driven mining model; a disruptive customer offering that has arisen as a competitive force targeting market incumbents like Binance.

About CoinEx Token (CET): CoinEx Token (CET) is an official value-added services and privileges scheme based on CoinEx exchange platform. The token is issued on Ethereum ERC 20 protocol and will be launched on a public CoinEx Chain in the future. The total CET supply is fixed at 10 billion. CET represents exclusive services and privileges on and can be used in diversified scenarios.

About the writer: Ava Lauren

I write articles related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Email me


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