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#Tron (#TRX) to Finalize Blockchain Launch and Release TronVM on August 30th

Tron (TRX)

Tron says it’s all set to launch the official release of its virtual machine by the end of the month, the last step in the launch of the platform’s new blockchain. According to Tron founder Justin Sun, the team has been conducting a series of pressure tests to make sure everything is running smoothly. “Right now, we are building the virtual machine on the mainnet. The virtual machine is more like the tools for developers. They can ship their product and develop very interesting decentralized applications on the network. The virtual machine is like the house, but we also need to build up a lots of the infrastructure in the house. For example, like gas and electricity to make sure that when people move into the house they can have a very convenient experience…So basically, all of the infrastructure will be ready at the end of August and I hope we will have a very exciting Tron DApp environment after that. Our speed is like 80 times faster than Ethereum, so all of the problems in the Ethereum network will not be the same in the Tron network. So I expect we will have a very amazing developer experience once we launch on August 30th.”


#Tron #TRX

#Tron #TRX


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