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Securix Announces Token Sale for its Next Generation Crypto Mining project

Securix Crypto Mining

Offering investors the opportunity to earn passive income while avoiding market volatility and ensuring better ROIs

15 August, 2018 -, a token-driven mining company is delighted to announce that it will open its token sale to the public onSeptember 7th, 2018. With several standout features, Securix offers investors the opportunity to earn passive income while avoiding market volatility that is typical for cryptocurrency investments.

Superior ROI Potential

Securix provides ROI estimates linked to the value of Bitcoin. Assuming an average annual value of $10,000 per Bitcoin, investors could expect returns of around 137%. Even if the value of Bitcoin drops to $5,000, return on investment is projected at a rate of 44%.

Bitcoin prices would have to fall below $4,000 for mining operations to become unprofitable. If this happens, Securix has committed to keeping 10% of the first gross revenue share in reserve, which will help to fund continued mining until profitability is resumed.

A Monthly Gross Revenue Share

Owning the Securix SRXIO token will provide a guaranteed monthly share of gross revenues from the physical token mining operations run by the company in the Netherlands.

Gross revenue sharing as a model is a departure from traditional mining operations, which tend to share only net profit with investors—thereby introducing uncertainty to investor ROI as net profit is impacted by unforeseen and excessive costs.

Asset-Backed Token

Unlike many ICO tokens, the SRXIO token will be backed by physical assets in the form of the hardware used to drive the mining operations. The token is developed using the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract output distribution model, offering the security that the token cannot be cancelled. It also allows the SRXIO tokens to be stored and traded using Ethereum-compatible wallets and exchanges.

While cloud mining has become popular, it generally provides only a 28-60 day contract that terminates if the operation is not profitable. In contrast, the SRXIO token has no expiry date, which offers a more sustainable, long-term investment potential.

Eco-Conscious Energy Program

Most physical mining centers consume vast amounts of energy to keep working, so Securix has partnered with EXE Energy to provide a more environmentally conscio mining solution. Also based in the Netherlands, EXE Energy has created a decentralised energy trading platform called EAN-2-EAN, which allows Securix to purchase green energy directly from wind and solar generators—bypassing costly intermediaries.

To protect the value of the SRXIO token, the company will implement a token buy back and burn program. By ensuring a limited supply of tokens in circulation, the monthly gross revenue will be divided across a smaller token pool. This ensures that the value and output per token are effectively managed and optimized.

A Proven Team of Business Professionals

The team behind Securix has a solid background in blockchain, IT, and fintech. Founder and CEO, Jacobus Donkersloot, previously built Inco Mobile, a €150m Dutch B2B IT and telecom company.

To help realize its vision, Securix is also partnering with industry leaders. The company's head office is located in Dubai, with mining operations hosted by Fintech Capital BV, a Dutch investment company also led by Donkersloot and Securix's founder and COO, Damian Strauss.

For further information about the token sale and the Securix offering, please visit #CryptoMining

About the writer: Ava Lauren

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