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Cryptocurrency Fund Assets Could Double Over 2018

Crypto Fund Research predicts that there will be more than 150 crypto funds launched in 2018. The company also predicts that the crypto funds' assets could double over the year.

Currently, there are 466 cryptocurrency funds and 255 of those are crypto hedge funds. 195 are venture capital funds, while 16 are private equities. In 2017, 156 crypto funds were launched and 42 were launched in 2016. "2017 was a record year for the launch of new cryptocurrency funds with, over 100 new funds including hedge funds and venture capital. This was more than triple the number of funds launched in 2016. It's quite possible there will be over 100 crypto fund launches again in 2018 based on the current pace," stated the report. "In addition to the launch of new VC and crypto hedge funds, we expect existing hedge funds to incorporate cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. Likewise, existing VC firms will continue to add blockchain investments as well as launch separate blockchain funds." Only 28 funds have over $100 million in assets. The majority, around 208 of the funds, have $10 million or less. 231 have $10 million to $100 million in assets.



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