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An Updated Guide to Augur

an updated guide to augur

Betting platforms have offered a means for personal prediction and speculation over time. In fact, gambling has been with the man for many centuries as an act of placing a wager on the eventual outcome of an event. The Augur blockchain betting platform has offered a transformation, and it is working to change the betting world. Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform that is built on Ethereum, a blockchain platform. It was launched on the 9th of July 2018. The ICO of the platform was introduced in September 2015, the beta version of the dapp was created in 2016, before the final Launch in July 2018. Betting on the platform is made easy and straightforward with some unique features. What do you think you feel like betting on? An event? Sport? Game? And so much more. The unregulated and decentralized feature makes it open to bet on nearly anything.Augur works with two primary roles for the users to take which are; Creating markets and Trading event shares.


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