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Polymath (POLY) Will Be Listed On Binance. Wins Community Coin Of The Month.

Binance lists Polymath (POLY)

Round 8 of Binance’s Community Coin of the Month has now concluded.

The Winner of Round 8 is Polymath (POLY).

POLY has been awarded a free listing placement on Binance.

Binance will open trading for POLY/BTC and POLY/BNB trading pairs at 2018/07/31 10:00 AM (UTC). You can start depositing POLY now.

About Polymath (POLY): Polymath enables trillions of dollars of securities to migrate to the blockchain. The Polymath platform opens up the blockchain to legally compliant securities offerings with a network of services designed to lower associated transaction costs over time.

At a high level, Polymath:

1. Provides a decentralized protocol for trading security tokens.

2. Enables individuals and institutions to authenticate their identity, residency, and accreditation status to participate in a wide range of security token offerings (STOs).

3. Allows legal delegates to bid on new issuances to represent issuers on offerings to be done in a regulatory compliant manner.

4. Matches issuers with developers who can translate issuers’ Security Offering parameters into secure code that generates ERC20 compatible tokens.

Polymath’s system can be modeled as tools for a set of Participants, Assets, Marketplaces, and Processes.

POLY Tokens: The core utility tokens that power the Polymath system. A POLY token is a standard ERC20 token.

POLY is down 0.66% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.401572

About the writer: Ava Lauren

As an expert on cryptocurrency related topics, I've found myself working as a Journalist at I write articles related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Email me


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