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Charts Are Now Available In CEX.IO's Android and IOS Mobile App

Charts are now available in's mobile app

Charts are now available in CEX.IO's mobile app for iOS and Android.

They allow you to make better and more informed trading decisions in your mobile app.

Here are several facts about the charts:

  • Charts are accessible in both Android and iOS apps.

  • They are now available for each trading pair. Just choose a trading pair in the CEX.IO Market section and its chart will appear on your screen.

  • For your convenience, charts adjust to the screen width. And when you rotate the screen, they rotate as well.

  • You can change the periodicity of charts. The minimum period is one minute and the maximum is three days.

  • You can tap and hold a separate candle for more information. You’ll see open, high, low, and close values and the volume traded during the specified period.

The charts were added to CEX.IO's mobile app to boost your experience with their service. Use them to make even better trading decisions. It’s always a good idea to use charts when making an informed decision regarding cryptocurrencies. CEX.IO allows you to benefit from graphical information, which is now also available in the mobile app. Visualizing data will help you make reasonable and well-timed decisions. Use the charts provided by CEX.IO to analyze the market, recognize trends, and act at the right time.If you still don’t have the CEX.IO mobile app, download it now to enjoy the best experience with CEX.IO even on the go.

About CEX.IO was established in 2013 as a cloud mining provider. Since then it's grown to be one of the largest crypto currency exchanges with over 1 million members. It offers cross platform trading via their website, mobile application, and api, providing access to one of the most liquid order books for alt coins. They offer worldwide coverage, multiple deposit and payment options, and 24/7 support.

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