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CareerChain aims to revolutionize the $200bn Job Market with Bizzy

careerchain launches Bizzy

CareerChain launches Bizzy as the first open, industry standard for sharing career histories that will put applicants a couple of click away from their perfect job.

29 July 2018 - Job seekers today are expected to enter so much repetitive information in job application forms that they give up on good opportunities quickly when it takes too much effort to apply - especially when they search on mobile. Job applicants generally must complete 10 to 20 online application forms before getting hired - having to re-entering work history, education, contact details and skills summaries over and over again. Job seekers soon get demotivated and start skipping over some great jobs that require too much effort to apply.

Most applicants might think they can just upload a resume or CV, which some sites support - but increasingly, job hunting is happening on mobile devices where resumes are not handy. Some job sites have saved profiles, but they usually don’t work on competitors’ sites and the result is lots of form-filling that makes job seekers unhappy and leads to low conversion of job views to completed applications. Meanwhile, employers are spending $200 billion a year trying to hire great people.

There was no global standard for applying for jobs to make all of the above easier, so CareerChain built one. It’s called “Bizzy.”

Bizzy profiles are the easiest way to apply for jobs - enter once, apply everywhere! Built on the blockchain, Bizzy profiles can be trusted and shared with anyone from any device while also protecting privacy and data. Job applicants won’t need to think about blockchain, digital wallets, Ether or Bitcoin - they’ll just carry on using their favorite job sites, create a profile automatically and apply for jobs easily with the Bizzy button.

Bizzy is the brainchild of co-founders Ray Gibson (20 years in recruiting and HR) and Andrew Evans (a co-founder at After 4 years leading their recruitment software company, StartMonday, to becoming a public listed company in the US, Canada and Germany, they spotted an opportunity to apply blockchain technology to solve a real problem and make a massive impact on the job market.

Andrew Evans commented on the new innovation saying: “we supported the successful transition of job ads from newspapers to the web with Careerbuilder in the mid-1990’s, and twenty years later StartMonday brought job applications to the mobile generation with 15-second video job applications. Today, blockchain can not only make job applications much easier but also facilitate a limitless ecosystem of third-party applications that participate in our token economy and use Bizzy profiles in innovative ways - for instance, services to provide verification of employment claims and certifications.”

The CareerChain team is currently traveling the world educating businesses and HR professionals about the impending shift in the job market. CareerChain is also raising money in the form of a private token sale that will be used to further develop and roll out the Bizzy platform.

“The feedback we have received from job sites, agencies and HR professionals has been tremendous,” notes Ray Gibson. “While it is known that job seekers search across many different sites to find a new job, major industry players have never found a way to collaborate and share data easily. Establishing the CareerChain Foundation like a consortium for the job market makes Bizzy a non-competitive solution that does not threaten established brands and enhances their business models and revenue streams.”

Now, with CareerChain headed by a newly appointed CEO, Douwe Bart Mulder, (a crypto and blockchain enthusiast who built Europe’s first bitcoin ATM), the Foundation is signing launching partners and winning support from savvy crypto funds that want to buy tokens, host nodes and validate blocks on the new blockchain.

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