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PAN and EOS trading now available on Bitpanda

bitpanda adds PAN & EOS

Bitpanda announced that PAN, the token of the first multi-blockchain token system, is now tradeable on Bitpanda. This means, that every verified Bitpanda user is now able to buy and sell PAN directly via the platform. In about a month they will add a full wallet for PAN. Then you will be able to withdraw and deposit PAN to or from any ERC20 compatible wallet of your choosing.

What is Pantos? As the first multi-blockchain token system, Pantos aims to bring blockchain projects closer together, improve communication between developers, researchers and users, and set innovative standards for cross-chain token transfers.

The goal is to serve as a lighthouse project in an increasingly fragmented blockchain space. With multiple blockchains serving all kinds of different purposes, Pantos is seeking to allow these projects to talk to one another in a standardised way. This will speed up innovation by creating a link between blockchains which then can scale together.

In addition to PAN, Bitpanda announced that EOS is now available as trade only (buy and sell). Offering a direct buy and sell option for as many different cryptocurrencies as possible is key for Bitpanda. They think that this is an important step, as it strengthens the industry as a whole and makes cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone.

Click here to buy and sell PAN & EOS

#Bitpanda #PAN #EOS

#bitpanda #pan #eos


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