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The vision at Stryking Entertainment is to bring sports fans all over the world as close to the real action as they can get. They aim to tokenize fantasy sports, starting with football and their existing game Football-Stars. Football-Stars will expand from its already popular and growing platform into becoming a community driven game, with the STRYKZ token serving as an incentive for users to generate large parts of the content. As their token sale progresses, their ICO has been top rated by experts and fans alike. STRYKZ is the first fantasy football Token Sale. They will add STRYKZ to our award-winning game Football-Stars, which was launched in 2017 and is played in many countries. Their platform Football-Stars has an active user base and Luis Figo as a brand ambassador. They team up with strong partners e.g Germany’s biggest football platform ’kicker’. Football-Stars is highly scalable due to its adaptability to any market and language. The token turns Football-Stars into the first user-centric fantasy sports platform. Football-Stars is a cross-platform gaming experience based on a free-to-play model. Users can play daily or season-long challenges based on the top European football leagues and an official Bundesliga licence.By expanding into a community driven platform, with the STRYKZ token serving as an incentive, we will allow users to generate large parts of the content of the platform. This will be a self-reinforcing loop: As users will be rewarded with STRYKZ for contributing either content or to the growth of the community and can spend the token on various features and real life items. Additionally, the users can use their STRYKZ to play user-generated token-based challenges and earn even more STRYKZ.

For more information regarding Stryking, STRYKZ and Football-Stars find them on the channels below:


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