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#Augur (#REP) Soars - John McAfee Thinks It Could Emerge As Major Betting Platform

Augur (REP)

Augur (REP) is scaling new peaks, as more and more users use its platform to place bets on on real world events. Interestingly, cryptocurrency advocate John McAfee believes that crowdsourced predictive technologies are just around the corner, and Augur may have the potential of becoming a major player in the space. Augur just launched this month after a public beta version for the platform ran for two years, and is one of the earliest decentralized applications built on the Ethereum protocol. Joey Krug, co-founder of Augur, once said that he pictured a world where one could ask Siri, “who will win the 2020 presidential election in the U.S.” and the application would return results saying “according to Augur, John McAfee has a 47 percent chance to win the 2020 presidential election”. McAfee had announced last month that he would run for president in 2020 to “best serve the crypto community.”More users are using the platform to place bets. At the time of writing, betting volumes were a little over $1.4 million in 614 markets, according to data from Predictions.Global – a website that displays Augur betting markets. It's down 15.37% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $31.09. It can be bought on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance and Gate.IO


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