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Upcoming Crypto Exchange Beaxy Launches Demo

Beaxy launches demo

Beaxy, a revolutionary all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, prepares for launch with the release of their demo. The exchange itself will go fully live in August.

23 July, 2018 - To set itself apart, Beaxy secured a partnership with OneMarketData, a leading exchange data provider that services legacy entities like Scottrade, Bloomberg, and Bank of America. This exclusive arrangement means Beaxy can provide technology and service that hasn’t been seen before in the crypto space. This partnership allows Beaxy to have 26 different order types supporting, and scalability beyond what other crypto exchanges can offer. Throughput is 225,000 transactions per second per pair, and scales infinitely beyond that based on the number of pairs. Theoretically, Beaxy could support the entire trading volume of the crypto space with such an engine.

Beaxy presents itself as the first cryptocurrency exchange to put the experience of the trader at the highest level of importance. Some key features of the exchange include 24/7 live customer support, advanced order types including trailing & OSO, lifetime referral rewards program, multiple wallets per currency for high/medium/low risk trading, loyalty program, staking program, instant FIAT deposits, unique trading pairs, charting tools in exchange, OTC trading (1 mil min), ICO launch support, and a new coin listing research program.

Artak Hamazaspyan, CEO of Beaxy, describes his approach in building this exchange. “We are traders ourselves. Our experience with crypto exchanges was bad across the board. We went out into the crypto communities and took their experiences and ours, and tried to build a better exchange from that. Any problem someone had with an exchange, we would build features to fix that. We knew we could design a far better exchange than what was currently out, so we did. We even incorporated technology and features from stock exchanges because they have been working well for decades.”


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