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Celebs and Crypto: A Mixed Bag of Crypto Collaboration

Over the past few years, crypto has received a star-studded boost from a number of notable celebrities from around the world. From actors to singers, rappers to sports people, a number of the world’s most recognizable faces have lent their voices to numerous cryptocurrency projects.

Some are deeply involved, while others seem to have taken the usual celebrity-endorsement route. Nevertheless, with millions of loyal fans around the world and an equal number of followers across multiple social media platforms, these celebrities can have a big influence over the perception of millions of people. Given the diverse backgrounds and spaces in which they work, the celebrities also have the power to introduce cryptocurrencies to a wide variety of people, who otherwise may not have been introduced to the technology. Here’s a list of notable celebrities that have made waves in the cryptocurrency space, as well as those who are just riding that wave for their own benefit.


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