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#Bitcoin price LIVE: #BTC slips as Congress decides TODAY if #crypto is really 'MONEY'

Crypto regulations

BITCOIN (BTC) has slipped from yesterday's high of $7,558 but all eyes are on Capitol Hill this afternoon as the US executive takes up the crypto challenge. Any move towards regulation could send prices soaring and one expert described the talks as a, "great step in the right direction".

Bitcoin is down 0.48% and is currently trading at $7,380.30 on Coinbase. The Financial Policy Subcommittee hearing will examine "the extent to which the United States government should consider cryptocurrencies as money," while the House Committee on Agriculture will focus on the emergence of "digital assets". Congress is set to "evaluate the merits of any uses by central banks of cryptocurrencies, and discuss the future of both cryptocurrencies and physical cash."


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