Red Alert - #TERN Affiliate #Airdrop Is Underway - 50,000 Tern Giveaway

Tern 50,000 Affiliate Airdrop

#Ternio (TERN) is launching a referral contest so everyone will be able to earn TERN.

Build on this great community and help spread the word about Ternio.

How to Participate: Join on Telegram and Follow The Pinned Rules. It's Super Easy!

➡️ Contest rules 👮

Begins: July 16th Ends: August 5th

Winners announced 1 week after contest ends 🏁

To participate you need a minimum of 3 referrals to qualify. Everyone who has 3 referrals or more is entered into a pool to win 1,000 TERN.

There are 50 chances to win 1,000 TERN - 50,000 TERN total. You can win more than once. 🏅

Those with more referrals have more chances to win. (3 referrals is 3 chances, 5 referrals is 5 chances.)

ChatModBot monitors the activity of all referred users, so they must be actively paticipating for the referrer to get credit.

➡️ How to Participate 🤝

1️⃣ Message @chatmodbot privately. Click "I want some goodies" 2️⃣ Get the unique referral link. 3️⃣ Share it with your friends who are on telegram, facebook, and twitter!

Tern Telegram Group

About TERN: The reality is that a single blockchain ledger cannot hold all of the world’s data and still be fully decentralized. This is not the case today, and will not be the case in the future. Trillions of data-points and terrabytes or data per second is not a feasible or reliable solution. Even right now in this day and age, there are various different kinds of blockchain frameworks all serving a different purpose with no single blockchain carrying a significant amount of transactions in any industry. Ternio created Lexicon; the first and only fully scalable and verified blockchain to be able to meet the need’s of any type of scenario or use-case. By allowing different industries and use-cases to be able to run a simple to setup blockchain based on their needs, adoption and complete decentralization of data across all mediums is not a decade away but a few years.

#TERN #Ternio #Lexicon #Airdrop

#TERN #Ternio #Lexicon


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