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Binance will open trading for DENT/BTC and DENT/ETH trading pairs at 2018/07/06 7:00 AM (UTC). You can start depositing DENT now.

About DENT: Their vision is to create a global marketplace using blockchain, where everyone on this planet has the opportunity to buy and sell mobile data packages and liberate their unused mobile data. The telco industry is a complicated, fragmented mess and so 1990's. There are a handful of telcos in each country, isolated silos that don't interoperate properly with each other on the mobile market. Telco users are stuck in a trap, where their purchased data packages expire every month, with no rollover, even if they paid for it. DENT is striving to liberate people and their options while creating new opportunities for telcos too.

DENT is up 20.16% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.004254.


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