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streamr (DATA)

#DATA/BTC and DATA/ETH trading pairs are now available on #Binance for trading. Users can now start depositing DATA for trading. #Streamr is creating an open source platform for the free and fair exchange of the world’s realtime data. Their blockchain-backed data Marketplace and powerful tools put your data back where it belongs – with you. Currently, the world’s data is in silos, or held and monetized by a handful of giant corporations. Data is either being underutilized, or its value doesn’t end up with the producer of the data. In the Streamr network, data owners can use and sell their data as they wish. Machines and people can trade data and create an ecosystem around real-time data.The data travels in a decentralized P2P network with nodes incentivized by the Streamr DATA token. The Streamr network is a blockchain agnostic companion network for massively scalable data transport. Existing blockchain ecosystems are used for payments, identity, and access control.In addition to the marketplace and network infrastructure, Streamr has a visual programming environment to help explore, utilize, and connect data. Data is not usually useful in raw form. Computation is needed to turn data into information and automation. Data streams can be combined, aggregated, filtered, and visualized. Actions can automatically be taken as a response to data.With the toolset including the marketplace, scalable messaging infrastructure, and easy-to-use tools, Streamr makes data available, usable and decentralized at the same time.

Streamr (DATA) is currently trading at $ 0.103900

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#streamr #DATA


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