Ripple Donates $50 Million To Universities For Blockchain Research

ripple (xrp) donates $50 million to universities

Ripple has introduced their University Blockchain Research Initiative with a $50 million donation to universities for blockchain and crypto research. According to an announcement, Ripple, "has committed over $50 million in funding, subject matter expertise and technical resources to UBRI’s first wave of university partners —17 prestigious institutions around the world. These schools will determine their own research topics and priority areas of focus, while also partnering with Ripple to:

  • Collaborate on research and technical development that will stimulate widespread understanding and innovation in blockchain.

  • Create new curriculum to meet high student demand for learning about blockchain, cryptocurrency and other FinTech topics.

  • Stimulate ideas and dialog among students, faculty, technologists and business leaders on topics of shared interest.

Ripple is down 4.96% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.661327. It can be bought with fiat dollars on cryptocurrency exchanges such as, with credit or debit cards on Changelly, and it can be bought with crypto on exchanges such as Binance and

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