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$500 Million In Ripple (XRP) Possibly Lost Forever After Billionaire Owner Dies Unexpectedly

$500 million ripple lost

The recent sudden death of Crypto Billionaire, Mathew Mellon, has raised questions about what happens to our crypto-assets when we die. Most of these assets are locked away in mobile apps, online exchanges and wallets and the occasional hardware wallet. Our wallet passwords, pass-codes, mnemonic phrases and digital keys are only known to ourselves. Perhaps we can live with the thought of only around $2,000 being lost when we die, but what if this amount is approximately $500 Million worth of Ripple (XRP)? Ripple is the 3rd largest coin according to market cap size. It is up 7.81% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.617138. It can be bought with fiat dollars at exchanges such as and Changelly and it can be bought with bitcoin at exchanges such as Binance and


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