Hackers Demand $1 Million In Ripple (XRP) From Canadian Banks

ripple (XRP) ranom note

After getting hold of personal information of around 100,000 customers of two Canadian banks, some adamant hackers have demanded $1 Million ransom in Ripple (XRP), else they will reveal the stolen vital data to the world. Bank of Montreal and online bank Simplii Financial (owned by CIBC) made known that hackers stole identifying personal information of not less than 90,000 different account holders at the two banks over the weekends. Ripple is the 3rd largest coin according to market cap size. It is up 7.81% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.617138. It can be bought with fiat dollars at exchanges such as CEX.io and Changelly and it can be bought with bitcoin at exchanges such as Binance and Gate.io.


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