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Binance ZEN Competition - 10,000 ZEN To Give Away

binance zen competition

To celebrate ZEN being listed on Binance, they have committed a total of 10,000 ZEN to give away to their fans worldwide. Users will be ranked based on their increase in ZEN holdings over the course of the competition period.

Competition period: 2018/05/26 00:00 AM to 2018/06/02 00:00 AM (UTC).

Rewards will be allocated in the following tiers:

Tier A: 4,000 ZEN in total to be won

1st: receive 1,500 ZEN 2nd: receive 1,000 ZEN 3rd: receive 500 ZEN 4th-10th: evenly split a pool of 1,000 ZEN

Tier B: 6,000 ZEN in total to be won

A pool of 6,000 ZEN will be evenly split between each account with an increase of 1,000 ZEN or more over the course of the competition period.


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