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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference II: Bring Your Kids, Friends, Colleagues for Just

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference II: Bring Your Kids, Friends, Colleagues for Just $97 per Head DALLAS, TX – Organizers of the second Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference (which is being held in September at Dallas) are running a special promotion. Attendees who reserve their spot before midnight on Sunday May 6th will be able to add “companion” tickets for just $97 per head. Tickets to the Super Conference usually cost $897 but are available at an “Early Bird” price of $597. Additional “companion” tickets for spouses, kids, friends, colleagues, or any other guests of the main attendee cost just $97 – and will benefit from all the normal “Standard Attendee” privileges. Why is this special offer on the table this week? Richard Jacobs, CEO of Future Tech Expo, the conference’s organizer, explains: “This week, it’s my birthday. It’s also been about a year since I made my first Bitcoin investment, and because of that, the last twelve months have been incredible for me and my family.” He adds: “I’m even more excited about the year ahead, and several of the biggest names in the crypto and blockchain space, including Tim Draper and Mark Yusko, are predicting that Bitcoin could break through its previous high of $19k before the year is out. I really wanted to share some of this excitement – plus, it being my birthday and all – so that’s why we’re running this special promotion for this week only.” The Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference will be held at Dallas on September 14th, 15th, and 16th. This time around, it is taking place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, which has space for more than 10,000 attendees – meaning that every attendee, and their guests/companions, will be guaranteed a seat for every talk, panel, and workshop. In addition, organizers have upgraded the caliber of speakers. Many of the headline speakers from the previous conference will be there, including Tim Draper and Lyn Ulbricht, as well as dozens of other “smart money” investors who couldn’t make it last time, including Randi Zuckerberg (Founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media & Early Facebook executive), Mark Yusko (billionaire hedge fund manager and Wall Street money man), Nick Spanos (founder of Blockchain Technologies Corp and featured in the Netflix Banking on Bitcoin movie), David Hirsch (enforcement attorney from the SEC), and Gary Leland, from CryptoCousins. The overarching theme of all their talks, and the entire conference, will be the next crypto and blockchain market cycle. The tide is about to turn, and when it comes in it’ll bring a host of new investment opportunities to shore. That’s what this next Super Conference is about. Tickets (including $97 companion tickets) are now available here: ### Press contact: Richard Jacobs (888) 448-4590 About the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference II: This three-day conference will be held at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center at Dallas from Friday September 14th to Sunday September 16th, 2018. We are expecting more than 1,000 attendees, at least 50 headline speakers, and upward of 50 exhibitors – with talks from founders, developers, and early-stage investors of cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups, including many that are planning ICOs throughout last 2018 and 2019. The focus will be on the next crypto market cycle.


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