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Cryptocurrency Market Update: A Lazy Sunday in Crypto Land

Crypto markets are horizontal today; Only Digitex Futures is pumping.

Cryptocurrency markets are still at the bottom following their mid-week dump. There has been no sign of a bounce back to previous levels as total market capitalization is still hovering just above $200 billion. Bitcoin has remained on a flat line since its Thursday dump of $300. BTC fell to $6,300 and is currently trading just below that level, it has fallen 5% since the same time last weekend. Ethereum is also very depressed at the moment after falling back to $200 and remaining there for the past 3 days. Altcoins are mostly in the red this morning, but movements are minimal. Looking at the top ten nothing is really moving more than a percent or so in either direction. Cardano has lost almost 2% on the day to fall back to $0.073. The rest are flat this Sunday during Asian trading. The top twenty is showing similar lethargy at the moment with most cryptos shifting around a percent up or down on the day. Dash is showing the greatest gain which is just 1.7% bringing it to $161, while Tezos is falling back by a similar amount dropping it to $1.22.


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