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How And Where To Buy Tron (TRX) - A Step By Step Tutorial

Where and How To Buy Tron (TRX) - step by step  tutorial

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are seeing wide usage, and even real-world adoption in the case of Bitcoin. But as with many coins on the lower end of the medium market cap size threshold, some may find it hard to find Tron (TRX). This guide will take you step-by-step through the process of investing in Tron for the first time.

About Tron (TRX): TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. TRON is a blockchain-based, open-source protocol for the global digital entertainment industry. TRON supports various kinds of blockchain networks and smart contract systems, including bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Qtum, and other public blockchain smart contracts, provides developers with multiprotocol infrastructure for entertainment app development, and allows users to enjoy smooth multiprotocol smart networks.

Step 1) Get a wallet to store the Tron (TRX) that you're going to buy. You've probably heard that it's not very safe to leave your coins on exchanges once you've bought them because of hacks. That's why you're going to want to get a hardware wallet to store your tokens. Two of the best hardware wallets that are able to store Tron (TRX) are the Ledger Nano S and the Trezor.

Step 2) Decide what exchange you are going to use to purchase Tron (TRX). Since Tron is yet to achieve the widespread adoption that some of the other major currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum have, there are few sources that offer direct Fiat (USD, EUR, etc) purchasing of TRX. Changelly is one of the few sources where you can buy TRX with fiat dollars, debit or credit cards. Click here for a by step guide on how to purchase cryptocurrencies using Changelly. If you aren't going to use Changelly, then the best method is to purchase some Bitcoin or Ethereum first and then trade it for Tron. There are plenty of places where you can easily buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. Coinbase is one of the largest and most well-established exchanges that offers users the ability to buy these coins direct with Fiat. Alternatively, you can buy any one of a number of popular coins with a credit or debit card on Once you have your Bitcoin or Ethereum, you have to register for an exchange that supports Tron such as KuCoin, Binance, and HitBTC. Once you have set up your security measures and submitted your personal verification documents, you'll need to deposit the coins that you purchased. Select the coin you wish to deposit, and the exchange will give you an address to send it to. Each coin has a different address so make sure you only send the specified coin to that address – I.E. if you chose to deposit Bitcoin only send Bitcoin, or if you choose to deposit Ethereum, only send Ethereum. Any other coins that you send to that address might be lost.

Step 3) Now you have funded your exchange wallet, you’re ready to trade for Tron (TRX). Go to the exchange where you are going to purchase your Tron and click on the trading pair that you have the coins for either BTC/TRX or ETH/TRX and you will have the options to buy and sell TRX for the coin that you chose. Put in how much TRX you want to buy, and it will show you the equivalent in BTC or ETH. Once you confirm your order, Tron coins should show up in your exchange wallet within minutes.

Step 4) Transfer the coins from your exchange wallet to the hardware wallet that you purchased in Step 1. Just enter your Tron Wallet address, choose the amount you want to transfer and hit send.

And that’s all there is to purchasing Tron (TRX) one of the highest potential for growth cryptocurrencies that exists.

About the writer: Ava Lauren I write articles related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Email me


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