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Bitcoin Price: Wall Street Optimistic, Enthusiasts Pessimistic According to Fundstrat

44 percent of those surveyed on crypto Twitter believe the price of bitcoin core (BTC) has a ways to go before finding bottom, while over half of Wall Street and institutional investors seem to believe BTC’s bottom has been reached. The poll was conducted by Fundstrat, comparing the views comprised of 25 Wall Street related institutions against those of 9,500 respondents on Twitter.

Over the period of a week in late September of this year, Fundstrat conducted a poll between institutional or Wall Street investors and Twitter respondents, who might be considered the broader spectrum of crypto enthusiasts. While not particularly scientific in the strictest sense, and therefore can be interpreted a number of ways, it does provide some counter-intuitive data.

What jumps out to most keen observers of the space is the conclusion Wall Street is more optimistic about BTC prices than crypto Twitter. Fundstrat found 54 percent of Wall Street respondents were fairly sure the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has hit its price bottom. Crypto Twitter, however, over 9,000 strong, was decidedly less hopeful: only 44 percent felt BTC was at bottom, suggesting there might be a ways to go yet. And by the end of 2019, institutions were more likely to predict BTC hitting $15,000 (57%) compared to just 40% crypto Twitter’s respondents.


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