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#Verge (#XVG) Goes Online Betting as XVG Price Heads South

#Cryptocurrencies are offering a myriad of solutions in the various industries and those with functional use cases are getting popular by the day. Verge (XVG) is one of these coins that go the extra mile to give the consumer additional privacy. The entry of the coin into the online betting sector is a huge boost in its global visibility quest. Running an online betting outfit requires a lot of resources much of which goes into fraud and outcome manipulation prevention. This has made the cost of betting skyrocket dues to the demanding manpower and bank charges with gamers paying hefty commissions while making deposits. 1xBit is a respected online crypto betting platform that has been in the market for a while has announced the addition of XVG on its platform as one of the payment options. The goal of adding the coin is to avoid using the convectional banking systems that fleece the consumer, slows down transactions and the user is exposed to the cumbersome chargebacks and plastic card fraud.By 1xBit choosing a Verge they are assured of total privacy that the coin offers to their users. However, the blockchain outfit will help reduce transactions and the savings be passed on to betting goers as additional rewards. Blockchain technology also processes deposits faster and there is no user vetting required.



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