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#Pundi X [#NPXS] to revolutionize cryptocurrency payments by bringing it to retail stores

PundiX brings crypto payments to retail stores

Recently, Zach Cheah, the CEO of Pundi X, in an interview with Timothy Tam, the Co-Founder, and CEO of CoinFi, discussed Pundi X’s rollout of the new retail point of sale system for cryptocurrency payments. During the podcast, Zach Cheah regarding the POS device said:

“I think when we started looking into the blockchain, we realized there are many interesting projects and advanced projects. But we wanted more people to hop on the blockchain project as we realized that hasn’t received a lot of traction.” He further added: ”So we came up with a solution. We came up with a hardware device that would allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrency just by going to a store.” According to Cheah, entrepreneurs like him are the one percent of the population. The other 99 percent are blissfully unaware of the blockchain platform and digital currency, resulting in it becoming a monopoly market. He says Pundi X wants to play a small part in changing this and bring cryptocurrency to the masses.

PundiX (NPXS) is up 3.4% over the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.00155771 USD NPXS had a 24 hour low of $0.00149290 and a high of $0.00165743 NPXS is the 54th largest cryptocurrency by market cap size NPXS currently has a marketcap of $154,498,959 USD Its 24 hr trading volume is approximately $2,744,377 USD It has a circulating suppy of 99.2 Billion NPXS

About PundiX (NPXS): PundiX allows any store to buy sell and accept Cryptocurrency easily. It empowers blockchain developers and token holders to sell cryptocurrency and services at any physical store in the world. Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Based on Android 7.0, Pundi XPOS has its own application store. The developers can publish applications targeting retailers, such as cryptocurrency transactions, wallets, financial or insurance services, membership or loyalty program, delivery management, and more to cater needs in different countries.Publish an app on Pundi XPOS app store requires NPXS tokens and NPXS is a default token to settle the payment within the application. Depending on the different type of developers, we charge up to 30% of handling fee in NPXS. The Pundi X contract will burn this kind of NPXS tokens. Pundi X NPXS tokens can also be used as loyalty awards for a deduction of the transaction amount. It will encourage the consumers to use Pundi X to make purchases. It also helps store owners to increase the revenue and customer satisfaction and further increase Pundi X's business network.


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