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Results of crypto event – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Paris, France

Blockchain and bitcoin conference France

On July 18, Smile-Expo held the first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference France, an exhibition and conference dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. In particular, the event brought together crypto experts from IBM and Microsoft as well as a member of the National Assembly's Committee.

What did the experts discuss?

Specialists from leading companies revealed advantages of blockchain, its application in various industries, and development prospects.

MP’s opinion

The conference involved Jean Michel Mis, a member of French Parliament. The expert talked about development prospects of blockchain in France and Government’s plans for cryptocurrencies.

He stressed strengths of the technology and said that the major priority of France was changes of cryptocurrency taxation rules.

Blockchain in manufacturing industry

Marc Durand, Blockchain Leader at IBM Cloud France, told the audience about the blockchain application in the manufacturing sector. He also explained the concept of Hyperledger Fabric project and the role of IBM in the development of decentralized technologies.

Alternative applications of blockchain

Stefano Tempesta, Microsoft Regional Director, analyzed the usage of technology beyond the conventional financial sector. The expert told attendees about blockchain in healthcare and construction industries as well as explained how distributed ledgers would improve these areas.

Exhibition area

The exhibition area engaged 11 companies. One of the exhibitors was the Grapevine World Platform: its team showed healthcare solutions.

Hidone, a platform for the exchange of services without intermediaries, also presented its innovative ideas.

Besides, the exhibition area involved such companies as ArtNoy, INVESTOR'S GOLD, Henosys, Bixtrim, SmartCash,, Global Grid Plus Project, SmartHab, and Bitlish.

Sponsors and organizer

The conference was supported by Hidone and Cointraffic.

The organizer is Smile-Expo that holds the series of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conferences throughout the world. Near blockchain conferences will take place in Stockholm, Kyiv, and Geneva.

Upcoming events are available on the Smile-Expo website.

About the writer: Ava Lauren

As an expert on cryptocurrency related topics, I've found myself working as a Journalist at I write articles related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Email me


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